How to Get Hulu Plus in Australia, the Right Way!

If you love streaming shows online, you probably love Hulu. However, if you have to go out of the country for a business trip or vacation, you may not be able to watch some shows.

In Australia, for example, a lot of shows and movies are not available on Hulu and Netflix. There are so many missing titles!


Netflix is very popular all over the world due to its vast library of TV shows and movies. Each day, millions of users from different countries log into their accounts to check out what’s hot.

However, Hulu is not that far behind. You can also watch great Hulu movies and television series on your electronic device.

So, Hulu vs. Netflix? Which one is better? First of all, what is Hulu exactly? Hulu is just like Netflix. You need to create an account in order to gain access to their library of shows and movies and go to your Hulu login.


Then again, just like Netflix, some content on Hulu Plus is inaccessible in certain locations due to issues with copyright.

Hulu Plus is a premium service that allows you to gain streamlined access to the most recent television shows in the United States. You also get to see some of the recently released movies.

If you are on HuluPlus, you can watch TV series that have ended and are still on the air.

You can watch them at your convenience, so you do not have to worry about missing an episode. You can watch them on your free time or even while waiting in a queue or riding a train to your destination.

The Hulu Plus app can be used on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. It is also hulu-shows compatible with Android and PS3. Being on Hulu definitely, has plenty of perks.

If you are in Australia, you may not be thrilled with what you will discover. Even if you have an account with Hulu Plus, Australia will not let you use it.

You see, Hulu needs to purchase the rights to the movies and shows that it streams.

Since Hulu Plus is an American service, the shows it has may not be allowed in Australia because they may already have been reserved to a particular broadcaster or streaming service there.

This is precisely why you cannot use your account in the country. Australia has to use geo-blocking to block your Hulu account even if you paid for a US Hulu Plus account.

With geo-blocking, the data you use are inspected and your IP address is tracked. Thus, your location is revealed. When Hulu detects that you are not in the United States, you are automatically banned from using their service.

Is there a way on how you can get around such restrictions? Yes, there is. You can use a VPN such as Express VPN. It will send your online traffic through an external server.

It will give you a different IP address so that you can visit any site you want without being restricted. Since the server is in the United States, Hulu will think that you are also in the country and it will let you use their service.

Are there any issues involved with using a VPN? Well, you can only block VPNs by blacklisting the IP addresses that they use. You do not have to be alarmed by this since VPNs can easily get a new IP address.

So, you can still use your VPN to access websites that you like, such as Hulu and Netflix.

How can you use a VPN exactly?


First of all, you need to go to the official website of your chosen VPN. If you choose Express VPN, you have to go to their website and choose your subscription package.

You can choose one depending on your budget and how long you plan to use it.

You will be asked to pay via credit card. If you do not have a US-based credit card, you can use PayPal or a Vanilla MasterCard.

You can also just buy a prepaid Hulu card so you can avoid any hassles in payment. These prepaid cards are usually sold online.

The good news is that it offers users a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you were not satisfied with their service, you can simply get your money back. You will not be required to continue your subscription plan.

Anyway, when you are done with the payment part, you have to check your email and verify your account.

Next, you have to download and install the VPN. It is very easy to install the software. Just select your device and operating system from the menu and follow the instructions on your screen.

The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, Amazon/Kindle Fire, iOS, Android, and Apple TV among others.

Then, you have to connect to a US-based server on your VPN. Once you opened the software, you have to find a US-based server location.

You will be asked to download the software and install it on your computer or electronic device. Make sure that your follow the instructions to successfully complete its installation.

Finally, you can set up your Hulu Plus account if you do not have one yet. Just fill in the necessary details and save your information. When everything has been set up, you can log in just like you do when you are in the United States.

One additional tip that you may find useful is to enter a ZIP code for a state that does not have sales tax. These states include Alaska, Montana, Delaware, Oregon, and New Hampshire.

Australia is a wonderful country with many beautiful places to visit. However, your stay there will not be complete without catching up on your favorite shows back home.

Thanks to VPN services, it would be like you never left the United States! You can still watch your favorite shows without having to ask someone to record them for you. You can also check out other websites that are blocked in Australia.